Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Toys, Toys, Toys- Soccer Players

The soccer toys are now one of the newest toys. Well, they may not be. XD      These wonderful toys can be won at playing Phantom Invasion in the Sol Arcade..or in my den. But remember, when you get the phantom soccer toy, don't panic about the "red card."

Hey look what it is! It's a non-member sword! Many Jammers have been hearing that you can get on by winning Sky High which you can play at the Sol Arcade or at Coral Canyons. Make sure play that you BELIEVE!!! When I believed, I won a Rare Scary Cat Hat and my friend won a Rare Mech Angel Wings! Good Luck Guys!

It's a Freedom Bunny now selling at the New Years Party! Hurry, hurry, hurry! The party is almost over and you don't want to be the only one without it and when you finally get it, your friends will be like "Ugh, that is  SOOO last season. So my point is don't forget it. :)

Cool! It's the Diamond on Display thingy! These "shiny" diamonds can be purchased at Epic Wonders. These items will be a great furniture in your den!


                   Byez my Peeps!

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