Sunday, January 13, 2013

Big Cats Article

Look! It's the winner for writing a paper about Big Cats! The winner was Sparkle Supersailor and that is her den. Her report about Big Cats was below the picture but I didn't copy that part. If you wanna read it, the you can go to the Daily Explorer.

Hey Jammers! Today I'm going to show you a glitch. Starting every Sunday, I will show you a glitch. Today's glitch is going into the fireplace at Sarepia Forest. Watch closely so you won't miss anything. (That is not me in the video. XD)

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Now Today's new item is the ice block! I heard this item gets really rare during the arid, hot summer. This cold item can be purchased at the Jam-Mart! This item is really cheap so won't have any problems buying this.

I would like to show Snowyclaw's behind the scene pictures of AJ. I hope you will enjoy the behind the scene pictures. :D These are really cool pictures! I hope you enjoyed it!


                               Hi! Bye! XD!

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