Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tablet Computer

Yay! A Tablet Computer! Only one problem. It will look too small in my den. XD But I hope my Tablet has 64GB, 3G and 100% charged batteries. Sadly, you can't change the color. I hope you enjoy this 900 Gem item which can be purchased at the Jam-Mart.

Todays Epic Den of the week is epic! I wish my den will be on Epic Dens. Then when you get featured, I heard you get a plaque. Oh well. :P

Another winner?!?! I guess there are going to be winners all week long. Todays winner is General Fastbunny. But there is something spooky about this den. Left of the Ice Phantoms, I see a shaded character named Miss something and I see heer owl. Now I'm confused. :S
My Non-Member Wood Floor Got Scammed! :(

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