Thursday, January 3, 2013

All About Cosmo the Alpha Koala

The Daily Explorer has finally introduced Cosmo the Alpha Koala! His "POWER" to talk to plants may help our world. Will it? Leave a comment below on how it will help our world and don't forget your Animal Jam username. :) You guys can check more out at the Daily Explorer.

OMG! XD The Snow Fort dens are back!!!  Be sure you buy this den before its gone! These dens are spectacular!! It's only 5,000 gems and it's soooooo worth it! You can purchase this den at the Den Shop in Coral Canyons or just at your den.

It's a new contest!!! Try this contest out and you could be the lucky person to WIN, WIN, WIN! Even I'm gonna try this out. Good Luck with contest!  :D

Last but not the least! Todays "Double Gem Game" is..... Mira Says! Make sure you check it out before it ends. This game can be played at Sol Arcade or at the Chamber of Knowledge! Have Fun Guys!



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