Friday, January 4, 2013

Medusa Mask and Heart Couch!

Whazzup Jammers! These are more New Years Item. The Heart Couch and the Medusa Mask might turn into a rare so be sure to buy these. You guys can purchase these items at the New Years Party! There will be more cool items so don't forget to buy those in the future!

An Assignment! WOOOH! All you have to do is write a paper about everything you know about the Big Cats. Don't forget to add if the animals are threatened, endangered, or extinct species! I might enter this.. but i have a lot of other work to do. Good Luck on the Assignment!

There is a new code on Animal Jam. It's not Jamaaliday12 since that I think already expired. But the code is Jamaalidays13! This code will give you 500 gems! It might not be much but its worth it. You can enter code when you log in. You type the codes under the password. Enjoy!


Ba-Byez Viewers!

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