Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frozen Banner

Hey Jammers! Todays new item is the Frozen Banner! I think this will look good in a Snow Fort Den.

Congrats on Aiden, my friend. He got his den on the epic dens. His username is LightningWolf12345. Also his blog is animaljamisepic1.blogspot.com. Hope you enjoy it.

Ok. So yesterday, I was at Aldan and I tried an expirement. cJulian2 has done Mail Time and it has went good. But when I tried it no one sent me anything even though I had screencast-o-matic ready to be recorded. The this dude came up to me and called me a scammer. I told him I wasn't but he didn't listen to me. -.- So I just ignored him and reported him many times.



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