Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hat and Curly Wig

Hey guys! Todays new item is the Hat and the Curly Wig. You can buy this at the News Years Party or sometimes when you win in Sky High, you might get one. You can get a different colored one by winning Sky High.  Don't forget to buy one! :)

OMG! This is the best beta den I've ever seen!!!! I'm not sure whose den this is but they must of started AJ a long, long , long time ago during the beta days! She even has the "CLAW!!" XD

Ok. I know there are not a lot of viewers so would please tell this to other people or your friends. I will make my blog better and Happy Ending.  :P You huys can post a comment on how I can improve my blog. I also want to know how to post a multiple choice question on the side like how some other AJ Blogs do it. I hope you guys enjoy my blog :


Thanks Guys!

1 comment:

  1. hi, i just looked at this blog and think you should look at animaljam whip blog, its EPIC in my opinion. And u can ask her for some great tips on your blog! Her aj user is nafaria9 btw!