Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Item - Clover Table!!!

Lookie, lookie! It's a new item! The Clover Table! This item was at the Leap Year Party! Now we can buy this item at the New Years Party! I wonder what tommorows new item is...

These are cool, pictures of Animal Jam! My favorite picture is the wolf howling in the misty night. The eyeball of the phantom kind of freaks me out but the eyeball really has some detail in it. Check out all this awesome art sent in by Fauna Icyfox, Happy Superwolf, Magical Spiritwolf, Mister Chunkymonkey, and Princess Poshhero! Submit your art for a chance to be featured on the Daily Explorer or in Jammer Central! Maybe you could be the next person have your art work showed. I would suggest a monkey riding on a horse. XD

Hey look! It's Sir Gilbert the Alpha Tiger! Animal Jam HQ is starting to use the Alphas more! I wonder if Animal Jam HQ are gonna make a game with the Alphas in it. Now thats gonna have a lot of "ACTION!"


    Tacos4Life :P

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